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Recruitment Specialist
Quality Herts£30k


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Quality Herts£30k
Bus Dev Europe£50k
Acct Mngr Beds£30k
Sales Eng SW £35k
Mark Anal Chelt£23k
SAS AP Surrey£28k
Analytics Nott£27k
Consultant Nott£40k
Analysis Leeds£24k
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CRM Anal London£30k
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Hertfordshire £30k


Elect and/or microwave background. Inspection, performance verification of equip. Know of EC diractives on safety. In-house quality ass of manufactured product. Calibration checks on test equip. SPC analysis. Mwave measurement knowledge.


We are seeking a Quality Assurance Engineer with an electronics and/or microwave background to work with Manufacturing Administration and Engineering to maintain and improve the total Quality Practice employed by our company. A highly self-motivated individual able to persuade and encourage the development of change in workplace practice and procedures. He/she will have a flexible approach to work and the ability to communicate well to discuss and resolve problems as a member of the team. This candidate will have the appropriate skill and experience to carry out the following tasks:-
·Inspection and performance verification of products to published Sales Specifications.
·Verification of equipment to relevant Euro-Norms and EC Directives on safety and compatibility. Testing may be in-house or conducted through an appropriate Test House.
·In process Quality Assurance of manufactured and purchased goods and sub-assemblies.
·Calibration checks on Production Test equipment and tools.
·Collection and analysis of data for statistical process control of workplace procedure and practice.
·Preparation of quality records for department and overall company management information.


The candidate will be practically minded and have had work experience on modern electronic apparatus, with a practical knowledge of analogue and digital circuits including microprocessors.
A knowledge of microwave measurements is desirable.
Since it is our practice to have QA pack finished goods into the customer deliverable shipping box - the QA Engineer must be physically fit.
The candidate will have obtained at least HND in Electronic/Electrical Engineering or a related subject.

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