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Recruitment Specialist
Statistical Consultant - Bedfordshire £28k
Statistical Consultant - West Midlands £17k
Statistical Consultant - West Midlands £22k
GIS Analyst - Bristol £20k
Database Marketing Analyst - Chester
Mark Anal Bristol£25k
Senior Analyst - London £38k
Credit Scoring Analyst Leicester £23k
Contract Vacancies
Recruitment Bristol
Mark Anal Chelt£23k
Decision Exec Surrey 23k
Decision Manager Surrey 30k
Analytics Nott£27k
Statistician Nott26k
Consultant Nott£40k
Analysis Leeds£22k
Snr Credit Leeds28k
Scard Dev Liverpool25k
Mark Anal Nott£23k
Analytics Bham£40k
Grad OR EMids 18k
Cust Anal Windsor40k
Credit Scoring Mgr 40k
Mark Anal London27k
Snr Anal Surrey27k
Sales Eng SW £35k
Mark Res Beds£20k
VB Trainer Bristol18k
Strategic Partners
Contact Me

Welcome to the Baker Hammond web site!

We are a small on-line Recruitment Agency founded in 1997. We specialise in OR Statistics and Analytics. For historic reasons we also have some vacancies in Technical Sales and Marketing.

Changing career is an important decision, so it's my job to make that process easier.

We have specific vacancies as detailed in our Urgent vacancies section, however we do also have some long standing requirements with companies who are always short of applicants with certain skill sets. In particular if you have any of the following experience
* Operational Research
* Marketing Analysis
* Credit Scoring
* Statistical Modelling
* Sales Engineers
We want to hear from you

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